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Posted by | October 26, 2018
Tackling Unconscious Bias At The Workplace With HR Technology

Equality and inclusion are the key tenets of most organisations but can also be a challenge to inculcate as a practice. From assessing a potential employee to appraising the perceived...

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Posted by | April 18, 2018
Rise of the autonomous workforce – Enabling ownership and authority

  The wave of change that swept through workplaces in the last decade is no less than revolutionary. Broadly, this is about three generations with radically different ideologies, working as...

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Chatbots in HR Tech
Posted by | March 14, 2018
Chatbots in HR Tech – The best is yet to come

In my interactions with both peers and HR leaders from the industry, artificial intelligence as a topic creeps into the discussion frequently and inevitably! One thing often leads to another,...

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HR Tech Implementation by Chaitanya
Posted by | February 16, 2018
Implementation is as critical as choosing the right HRMS

When it comes to HRMS, the importance of choosing the right product is undeniable; but it is the importance of good implementation, that is often underplayed. “Even the best product...

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HR Tech User Adoption
Posted by | September 11, 2017
HR Tech User Adoption – Has enough been done?

Reflecting upon half a decade of HR consulting experience and my recent HR product development journey at Darwinbox, I have discovered that there is a pattern to the questions from...

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