Parishmita Chakrabarty

recruiting trends
Posted by | November 30, 2018
Top Recruiting Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Why do you think it might be vital for you to watch out for the recruitment trends of  2019? Is it because your job is to hire or it is...

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learning and development
Posted by | November 23, 2018
Digital Transformation in L&D: A Culture of Innovation & Remodelling

The world of technology is changing at an unprecedented speed, leading to extensive and fundamental transformations. Thus, change is becoming the most talked-about topic across the globe in the field of...

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Posted by | October 26, 2018
Revolutionizing the Power of Mobility #PossibilitiesAreEndless

From ordering food online to booking a cab, from shopping for clothes to searching for the best restaurant in town, smartphones have basically nailed it everywhere. Since past 10 years,...

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Reshaping HCM
Posted by | September 20, 2018
A Promising HCM Software can reshape Human Capital Management

  Anyone who has been involved in human resources for more than a week has seen the advent of some new HR technology every day. It’s not just people it’s...

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Posted by | August 22, 2018
Resizing & Redundancies – A Perspective

  Workforce reduction is considered to be a disgraceful and unpleasant element of management practice, and one that is known for being hurriedly carried out and quickly forgotten. Nobody enjoys...

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GDPR blog image
Posted by | August 10, 2018
Checklist for HR’s to be GDPR Compliant

  In an era of globalization where an array of business activities are performed digitally, personal information of an individual is processed in diverse ways, for many reasons, and in...

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culture blog
Posted by | July 31, 2018
On moving from one SaaS company to another

It's often said that change is the essence of life. Change is believed to be good because only when we change we tend to grow more. It’s been a month since...

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blockchain in HR
Posted by | July 17, 2018
Blockchain is here to stay. But what does it mean for HR?

Blockchain technology is typically associated with cryptocurrencies. However, according to experts, that’s only the beginning. With the pathbreaking success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple making headlines, there is a...

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Posted by | July 9, 2018
Learning to tailor to the right size – Manpower Planning

Accurate and timely manpower planning is critical for any organization to stay ahead of their competition. Simply because by tailoring to the right size, organizations can make sure that they...

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