Think Flexible HR Workflows

Darwinbox enables seamless definition, execution, & automation of business processes on the platform where tasks, information or documents are passed from one participant to another for approvals without any hassle, according to a set of predefined, procedural rules set by the organisation. When you have multiple people involved in multiple capacities at multiple time points, Darwinbox’s business and process flows enable automated trigger notifications to capture action points.

Manage Workflow with Ease

Financial Package

Easy Workflow Management To Manage Individual Lifecycle Processes

  • Confirmation Workflows
  • Employee Transfers & Role Change Management
  • Configurable Exit Workflows
  • Organization Specific Workflow Builder
  • Custom Multi-Stakeholder Workflows

Key Features

Trigger Task

With Darwinbox, you can set automatic triggers basis the effective date of a particular task. If necessary, you can also retrigger a particular task.

Task Assignment

You can assign different tasks to different permission holders for effective delegation. And also track the status of the respective task (not started/in progress/ completed).

Data Visibility

Capture inputs in a dynamic form, suited to organisation’s accepted templates.

Custom Workflows

Now you can generate and execute process-specific workflows as well as define and assign the multiple stages of a process to relevant stakeholders from the platform itself.

Digitized Separation & Movements

Make sure that a departing employee’s journey is as smooth as an incoming employee by making the exit process smooth with easy to navigate workflows.

Validation for every field value

With a unique ‘maker-checker’ approval workflow, information entered into the system can be passed through a hygiene check with a designated stakeholder.

1 Million+ Employees love the Darwinbox experience

Enterprises across sectors use Darwinbox to manage their Human Capital.