HR Workflow Management- Darwinbox

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Key Features

Trigger Task

With Darwinbox, you can set automatic triggers basis the effective date of a particular task. If necessary, you can also retrigger a particular task.

Task Assignment

You can assign different tasks to different permission holders for effective delegation. And also track the status of the respective task (not started/in progress/ completed).

Data Visibility

Capture inputs in a dynamic form, suited to organisation’s accepted templates.

Custom Workflows

Now you can generate and execute process-specific workflows as well as define and assign the multiple stages of a process to relevant stakeholders from the platform itself.

Digitized Separation & Movements

Make sure that a departing employee’s journey is as smooth as an incoming employee by making the exit process smooth with easy to navigate workflows.

Validation for every field value

With a unique ‘maker-checker’ approval workflow, information entered into the system can be passed through a hygiene check with a designated stakeholder.

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