Think Powerful & Predictive Analytics

Analytics on Darwinbox is a powerful module that empowers organizations to draw actionable insights out of the employee data generated on the system. Right from customizing reports from data sets on-the-fly, to predictive and prescriptive analytics, here’s all that you can do with our platform to make greater business impact.

Get Not Just Data. But Actionable Insights.

MIS Analytics

Essential Data Analytics, Reporting And Insight Framework For Effective Decision Making

  • Exhaustive Pre-Designed Rosters
  • Role-Based Dashboards
  • Visual Analytics
  • Decision making insights

Key Features

Exhaustive MIS Reports

Be it headcount, mood analysis, or attrition, the platform sources data internally from all other modules to cut through the noise and direct you towards insight that truly matters.

Custom Report Builder

Now you can choose metrics as per need and convenience using our custom report building functionality. Not just customizations, you can also schedule reports for daily tracking.

Trend Analytics

Trend analytics can help you see clearly about what is working in your favour and what is not. This has a very significant and quantifiable impact on areas like headcount, attrition, manpower planning, etc.

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