Think Smoother Onboarding

Darwinbox makes sure that your employee’s lifecycle in your organization is as smooth and seamless as it can be right from the beginning. Our onboarding module is designed to make sure that right from day zero, your employees feels engaged and valued by the company. This in turn paves the path for better performance, and higher retention.

Make The First Impression Matter


Designed To Engage Your Employees From Day Zero

  • Candidate Engagement
  • Integration With Background Verification Provider
  • Digital Offer Letter
  • Custom Welcome Pages
  • Configurable Onboarding Templates

Key Features


Get the onboarding process started online. Make sure that your HR managers are sorted when it comes to document handling and policy sign-offs to focus on the more human aspects of the job while welcoming a new employee.

Background verification

Now you can set BGV vendors on the system and also control the visibility of your candidate’s information. Check the status of each candidate, control the level of access of third party vendor and bring efficiency to the overall process.

Digital Offer Letters

Complete all documentation online, shoot welcome mails to your new employees to make sure you’re on the same page right from the beginning. You can also keep a tab and manage assets for the employees on a single dashboard.


Now generate digitized offer letters on the system itself. Just upload the details of selected candidates, and shoot out offer letter mails with absolute ease using this functionality

Win with comprehensive reports

Onboarding reports generated on the system empower you to know metrics that influence the efficiency of your onboarding process. You can keep tab on signed off docs, BGV vendors etc. to make sure there are no slips or misses in the process.

Data flow with profile mapping

Optimized flow of data to help you maintain data consistency across the entire employee profile. Now data from the candidate’s application can be directly imported to populate desired fields in the employee profile.

1 Million+ Employees love the Darwinbox experience

Enterprises across sectors use Darwinbox to manage their Human Capital.