Scale your Teams with a Smart Cloud-based Recruitment Software

Our enterprise recruitment management software makes your entire hiring process efficient and intelligent. It allows recruiting professionals to spend less time on the process and paperwork and more time doing what they do best: getting the right candidate.

Change your Hiring Game with our Online Recruitment Software


One-Stop Solution To Streamline All Your Recruitment Needs

  • Job Posting (On Web And Social Networks)
  • Position Mapping
  • Candidate Sourcing - Multiple Channel Management
  • Referral Management
  • Streamline Scheduling
  • Score Candidates Through Custom Evaluations
  • Reports & Analytics

Key Features to Automate your Recruitment Process

Right from raising requisitions, to posting a job on the careers portal, and applicant sourcing from multiple channels, our applicant tracking system empowers you to make smarter decisions when it comes to hiring talent and as a result, increasing the strategic value generated from the entire process.

Requisitions & Approvals

Raise requisitions for budgeted and non-budgeted positions with unique approval flows to scale up or hire for replacement. Enrich your requisition request with a pre-configured JD, TAT, and ideal profile details.

Candidate Sourcing

Post the job opening across multiple channels (Careers page, Social & Job portals, Referral, External Recruiters) with seamless integration and track hiring success, and efficiency uniquely by channel.

CV Parsing & Screening

Find the right talent faster as the system automatically parses CVs (education, skills, past experience) and recommends the best match. Screen, shortlist and add tags to profiles for smart retrieval.

Applicant Tracking System

Schedule interviews with seamless calendar integration and track candidates at every stage of the recruitment process. Improve feedback capturing with voice-to-text and audio feedback options on mobile.

Configurable Hiring Workflows

Define the hiring process with stages and stakeholders uniquely for each job position. In addition, also configure a custom feedback form to capture inputs relevant for each stage.

Referrals & Internal Job Postings

Leverage your employees’ network to attract the best talent with a mobile-based social-sharing option. Enable and process internal job movements through an integrated HCM suite.

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