Create a Happy Tribe with
Employee Reward and Recognition Programs

Build a culture of appreciation and recognition among your employees with Darwinbox’s rewards and recognition platform. With a user experience that is engaging and gamified, this peer-driven and integrated module ticks all the boxes - right from budgeting to rewarding to redemption, all in one place.

Rewards, Recognise & Retain

Rewards and Recognise

Celebrate the spirit of appreciation by building an engaged workforce

  • Moderate Budgets
  • Gamified Leaderboard
  • Nomination Reward Programs
  • Peer to Peer Recognition
  • Integrated Rewards Marketplace
  • Event-based Rewards
  • Visibility on Enterprise Social Network

Key Features To Recognise Your Workforce

Developing a positive, result-oriented workplace culture is something that modern-day organizations aspire to achieve. And there simply can’t be a better way than leveraging a system for incentivizing the softer aspects of being an employee. Therefore, as your HR Technology, it was vital for us to first create a meaningful employee rewards and recognition platform that's easy to implement, configure, control and use. And we did!

Peer-to-peer Recognition

By virtue of its configurability you can define which set of employees within the organization can recognize others under a particular program. The restriction can be defined as per designation, band, grade, division etc.

Plan & Moderate Budgets

Control your reward budgets at program level and employee level. Define budgets as per the size & requirements of the teams. Allocation of points to recognizers happens automatically on the system.

Nomination Based Rewards

Facilitates 360-degree rewards and recognition where anyone can recognize an individual’s achievements. You can configure the nomination forms, approval flows & keep track of it on a single dashboard.

Gamified Badges & Leaderboard

Users are ranked according to the badges that they received or the points that they have accumulated. Along with leaderboard, badges received by an employee can be viewed on their profiles.

Social Recognition

Bring the power of social media to recognize your employees. Using Darwinbox, employees can recognize someone directly from the social intranet, hence an auto-generated post is added on Vibe.

Event based Rewards

Make your employees feel good by rewarding them on their special day. Event-based rewards reinforce purpose, communicate values and connect every employee to a bigger vision.