Think Comprehensive Performance Management

While having the right talent on board is important, what is even more important is how you nurture it. Therefore, our new age talent management module comes with a whole gamut of features summed up below to help you understand the offerings of our powerful talent management module.

Get. Keep. Grow.

Talent Management

Comprehensive Performance Management System To Cater To Every Performance Philosophy

  • Multiple Assessment Frameworks
  • Multi Stakeholder Feedback (360 degrees)
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Performance Journals
  • Goal Cascading
  • Rating Normalisation
  • IDP, Succession Planning
  • Merit Planning
  • Competency Mapping

Key Features

Continuous Feedback

Darwinbox’s continuous, real-time, and conversational feedback helps organizations empower their workforce to give and receive feedback instantly.

Goal Cascading

Goal cascading is the powerful tool you need to maintain a sense of alignment of the individual’s efforts with the overall goals an organization strives to achieve.

Succession & Merit Planning

By analyzing a number of factors, our talent management software can predict the best fit for any given position to avoid any gaps in the overall process.

Multiple Assessment Framework

Accommodate different performance assessment frameworks for different positions in the organization to match your needs easily.

Talent Profile

Relevant stakeholders can view the employee’s growth graph right from day one and understand the progress to chart out the best career path for the employee.

Multi Stakeholder Feedback

360° Feedback is collected from multiple stakeholders within and even outside the organization, to get a better idea of the employee’s performance.

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