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Key Features

Leaves In One Click

Because we know that applying for a day off should not need another day. You can easily apply and approve leaves in one click using our leaves and attendance software which is now available even on mobile.

Biometric Integrations Simplified

Be assured of the free flow of data from biometric machines to the attendance module and subsequently even to the payroll module to keep attendance tracking as hassle-free as possible.

Geo-Tagged Attendance

Geotagged attendance massively simplifies the process of attendance tracking for your employees. It helps you maintain records and know the whereabouts of your people better.

One View Roster & Shift Management

With one view functionality on our product, you get to see all your reportees’ schedule at one place. Therefore, management of rosters and shifts can be done with more clarity and efficiency.

Configurable & Flexible Policies

Now you can accommodate your organization’s unique time and attendance framework including comp off, over time, optional leave policies, etc. by making minimal, DIY configurations to the platform.

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