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Facial Recognition DarwinBox

Facial Recognition

Let’s Face It!

Facial recognition is now the new normal in workforce management.

Chaitanya Peddi DarwinBox

The pandemic has made a dent in the way we work; while some are temporary changes, some things are here to leave a mark. Attendance through facial recognition is an AI-powered, touchless infrastructure which is safe, authentic, and highly effective for businesses in the evolving world of work

Chaitanya Peddi

Co-Founder & Head of Product, Darwinbox

Chaitanya Peddi DarwinBox


The Real ROI from Facial Recognition

Metro Train
L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Logo

L&T Metro Rail won the ‘Dynamic CIO Smart Innovator Award 2019’ for being the first-ever in the metro sector to implement facial recognition with Darwinbox. L&T saved on infrastructure costs and made attendance real-time for 1200+ employees in 65+ locations spread across 150+ shifts.

kopi kenangan
kopi kenangan Logo

One of the fastest-growing and tech-savvy coffee chains in Indonesia is ensuring their employees’ safe return to work with facial recognition. 3000+ baristas check in to work every day across the country using Darwinbox.

Facial Recognition icon

Why Facial Recognition Wins

Track attendance anywhere in real-time

Save time and minimize attendance errors

Eliminate proxy punching

Save biometric infrastructure costs

Facilitate employee safety & hygiene

Quick 3-step setup

How It Works

It is as easy as setting up the facial unlocking feature on your mobile device.

Step 1

Easy Enrollment

Open the Darwinbox app on your smartphone and set up the initial face mapping for the system to recognize your face and tag it to your employee ID.

Step 2

Daily Check in

To mark your attendance everyday, open the Darwinbox app and scan your face. (Almost there!)

Step 3

Location Validation

The system then validates your face and employee ID against the specific geographic location pre-fed in the system. That’s it, you are checked in!

Facial Recognition screen


Cutting Edge Technology For The Evolving World of Work

DarwinBox App screen
Optical Character Recognition icon

Optical Character Recognition

Leave the mundane tasks to the machines so that you can focus on what matters.

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Mobile HRMS

Liberate your employees with mobile-first HR technology


Darwin Insights

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L&T Metro Wins Innovator Award

L&T Metro Rail saved on infra costs and made attendance real-time with facial recognition for 1200+ employees across 150+ shifts.

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The State Of HR Technology In The Post COVID Workplace

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