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Employee Engagement

Build A Happier Work Tribe

Keep your employees engaged, happy and inspired with a comprehensive approach to employee engagement so you can keep a close ear to your people’s sentiments and health.

Employee Engagement DarwinBox

Darwinbox’s unique methodology developed from 600+ global implementations.

Performance and Engagement analytics


Enterprises Are Making Every Moment Matter With Darwinbox 

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Refreshing to see an HCM platform which is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Our employees & managers are loving the Darwinbox experience.

Sohini dutt - Director and Head HR of Nivea
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Sohini Dutt

Director & Head HR

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Refreshing to see an HCM platform which is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Our employees & managers are loving the Darwinbox experience.

Sohini dutt - Director and Head HR of Nivea

Sohini Dutt

Director & Head HR

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Engage Today To Drive
Real Change Tomorrow
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Democratized Conversations

Make active listening a priority and facilitate conversations between employees, management, and the leadership.

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Engagement On-The-Go

Never miss out on how your people are feeling with mobile-first technology that is accessible anytime, from anywhere.

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Consumer Class Experience

Build a happier work tribe with intuitive HR tech and experiences that inspire your employees to participate, interact and belong.

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For Every Moment Of Truth

Connect better with technology that seamlessly embeds into the flow of work.


Let your employees feel the vibe

Allow your employees to play an active part in crafting your organization culture with our feature-rich enterprise social network – Vibe.

Vibe social media platform
Pulse survey

Keep your finger on the pulse

Launch easily customizable employee pulse surveys that capture data and actionable insights, so you can track employee engagement in real-time.


Capture instant feedback with polls

Make it easier for your employees to voice their opinions with organization-wide polls that capture employee feedback whenever you need it.

Feedback Poll
Employee surveys

Ask questions people like to answer

Reduce the time and effort it takes to gather people data, with customizable and powerful employee surveys.


Reach every employee with e-noticeboards

Be it an announcement, notification, or a celebration; broadcast information to everyone in your organization, even those without a corporate email.

Employee recognition

Let the world know about the good work

With seamless integration between Recognition and Vibe, ensure every recognition is notified and socially celebrated with the entire org.


Help your employees find their tribe

Take enterprise social networking to the next level with Groups, that allow employees to find others with similar interests.

Social media groups


Darwin Insights

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Surefire Ways To Scaling & Engaging Talent

Girish Menon, Head HR, Swiggy, talks about the employee engagement initiatives they undertake, the talent management practices they follow and how technology has been leveraged in the process.


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How Aarti Industries Created A Happy Tribe

Aarti’s success is an expression of a culture in which individual excellence along with team-building skills is promoted. Learn how Aarti Industries leveraged HR Tech to build a happier workplace.

Authored by

Unmesh Lamture

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How to Foster A Recognition Culture Post COVID

A smart rewarding system stems from a culture of empathy that is currently the number one skill that leaders are honing for transforming employee experience in the workplace.

Authored by

Unmesh Lamture

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Engaging a Distributed Workforce With Technology

The distributed workforce has become an enduring reality in this era where remote work is treated as the new normal. Get insights into some critical key trends observed in context to distributed workforce.

Authored by

Unmesh Lamture

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5 Easy Ways for HR to Manage Workplace Stress

Numbers show us that work stress is a rising problem and companies and HR need to find ways to promote workplace wellness. Here are the 5 easy ways to manage stress, and improve..

Authored by

Unmesh Lamture

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The Ultimate Guide To Building A Successful Rewards Program

At the crossroads of people and change, advanced rewards and speedy perks; it is critical to create a rewards package that articulates what you need from your employees.

Authored by

Unmesh Lamture

Empower Everyone To Become The CEO – Chief Empathy Officer

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