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Why Switch


Change is inevitable, are you keeping pace?

Darwinbox is built on an agile foundation, technologically and fundamentally, to enable continous innovation. Whether its leveraging AI, ML, or building extensible frameworks for people analytics, we're constantly striving for better, bigger and more effecient every single day.

Why Switch

To Darwinbox

Coming from disparate HR systems?
Greater Than The Sum Of Many Parts
Switch from Multiple HR Systems to an All-In-One Solution, Today.

Point solutions have their advantages, but to scale beyond a certain point a one-stop shop is really the only way. From data consistency to increased adoption, the advantages make an all-in-one solution truly greater than the sum of many parts.

On an Internally Built HR system?
Everything You Want, Plus The Agility You Need
Switch from your Internally-Built to Cloud HRMS, Today.

Why compromise? You can mould Darwinbox to suit your HR processes exactly as you want them, and you’ll get the agility of a platform that is constantly being refined to meet the ever-changing needs of work.

Want more from your current HRMS?
Legacies Can’t Be Left With Legacy Systems
Switch from your legacy system to an Integrated HRMS, Today.

Be at the forefront — leading the way, by stepping up from clunky legacy HR technology that will only limit the organisation’s survival in the new world of work. And moving to new-age mobile-first HRMS.

Upgrading from an on-premise system?
The World Of Work Is Evolving. Are You?
Switch from your On-Premise to Cloud HRMS, Today.

Experience the technological advantages and structural benefits of an integrated cloud HRMS platform that can enable you to better manage and nurture your most important asset – your employees.


Innovative HRMS for the Intelligent Enterprise


Always Stay A Step Ahead

Be it giving a voice command to know who is absent on a day, or using touch-free attendance with facial recognition to ensure safe check-ins, stay ahead of the curve with A.I. powered tech.


Globally Compliant & Locally Configurable

Built with compliance in mind, Darwinbox supports enterprises by keeping you up to date with ever-evolving regulatory norms, so you can operate locally while managing business globally.


Stay Connected On The Go

Experience the efficiency and convenience of our mobile HRMS that enables employee self-service with innovative features such as WhatsApp integrations, Voice-bot, and more.


Get Value Faster With Darwinbox’s Inflexion Framework

The pace of business is fast, so why shouldn’t your go-live be too? With Inflexion – Darwinbox’s marquee implementation framework, reap benefits of a transformation faster than ever before.


A Platform That Takes The Shape Of Your Organisation

Darwinbox offers easily configurable technology that you can set up yourself and make alterations as your business grows and changes.


Your Security Is Our Priority

Built with enterprise-grade cloud security and best-in-class encryption, the platform is compliant with international standards like ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR to ensure your data is in safe hands.


Leading Enterprises Like Yourself Moved To A Cloud HRMS With Darwinbox

L&T Metro Rail Wins The Dynamic CIO Smart Innovator Award 2019

L&T Metro leverages cloud-first facial recognition paired with geotagging saving infrastructure costs and made attendance real-time for 1200+ employees in 65+ locations across 150+ shifts.

Aarti Industries Records 94% Accuracy In Workforce Management

Aarti Industries completely automated shift assignments and changes for 6,000+ employees in 15+ factories, offices, and port sites, moving from ad-hoc processes to high accuracy.

3 HR Systems Replaced in Delhivery Leading to Saving 30% Team Efforts

The logistics giant connected over 23,000 employees servicing 1200+ locations remotely with Darwinbox while vastly improving their processes. Employee satisfaction score for their PMS shot up from 2.5 to 4.


8,000 Employees


17,000 Employees


2,500 Employees

Fashion Industry

800 Employees

Unleash The true Potential Of Your Workforce

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